Our school was found in 1992. It was the second one in Bulgarian capital Sofia. With in the years we had to change a lot of deferent dojos and places where we practiced, but finaly we build our own dojo, where we develope ourselfs every day. Our school was the basis for creation of the organizations like: Iwama Ryu Aikido Bulgaria, Takemusu Aikido Association-Bulgaria and National Aikido and jujitsu Federation. Our main goal is to create a good relationships and atmospher along with the others.

To give the children, our future, opportunities to become a better humans. That is why we have a special children classes every day. Our moto is:

“Win over yourself, make peace with the others, become one with God”.




Georgi Zarkov Georgiev – Aikido Roku dan, Ju Jutsu Roku dan


Nikolay Koev – Aikido Yon dan buki waza, Yon dan Tai Jujitsu

Maria Georgieva – Aikido San dan Tai Jutsu, Ju Jutsu Sho dan

Evgeny Rezashki – Aikido Sho dan, Ju Jutsu Sho dan

Bozhidar Banov- Ju Jutsu Ni dan

Iovcho Iovchev – Aikido Sho dan, Ju Jutsu Sho dan